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Sponsor a Project

The IDC is a world-leading UK centre for doctoral training in composites manufacture, our primary motivation is that our research and training reflects industry’s needs, so our Engineering Doctorate (EngD) programme has been designed with this in mind.

We’re looking for opportunities to work with companies to develop new EngD projects for industry-sponsored Research Engineers.

Key benefits:

  • Partnering with the IDC to sponsor an EngD project is a cost-effective way for companies to drive forward research tailored to their specific challenges
  • Working with a highly skilled and academically capable Research Engineer who is based with the sponsor for the duration of the four-year project, contributing directly to the sponsor’s commercial research priorities
  • Constant flow of cutting-edge ideas between the sponsor organisation and leading academics within the relevant field
  • Taught courses ensure the Research Engineer brings considerable specialist technical knowledge and capability to the project
  • Scheme supported by funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
  • Continuous recruitment and flexible taught component delivery

Sponsor commitments:

  • Commit £31k p.a. in cash per Research Engineer per year for four years (SME rates negotiable)
  • To fund and supervise the research project over the duration of the four-year EngD programme, and to release the Research Engineer for study and attendance at taught courses (25% of the Research Engineer‘s time)
  • Within the company, to treat the Research Engineer as an employee, working normal company hours and entitled to normal holiday periods

Proposing a project:

  • Suitable projects can be proposed by industry at any time
  • Academic partners within the IDC can help with the formulation of project proposals
  • Sponsoring company is fully involved in the selection of a suitable candidate

For further information please contact Prof. Janice Barton on the button below.

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